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Business Enviroment

UAE is a developed economy that offers a favourable business environment, unmatched facilities, flexible government norms, and efficient quality services to all incoming businesses irrespective of their country of origin.

  • World-class Infrastructure and Well-Developed Transportation System

  • Dependable Power Supplies and Other Utilities

  • Cultured Financial and Services Sector

  • Cosmopolitan Lifestyle with Top-notch Hospitals, Schools, Hotels and Shopping Complexes

  • Advanced Telecommunication Systems

  • High quality accommodation for Official or Residential Purpose

  • Top International Venues for Conferences and Exhibitions

Multiple Growth Opportunities

  • A Growing and Diversified Market with High Global Demand for Imports and Exports, and Vast Opportunities for Suppliers

  • Competitive Freight Charges and Real Estate Prices

  • 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits

  • No Currency Restrictions and Reasonable Import Duties

  • Abundant Low-Priced Energy Supply

  • Simple Staffing Proced

  • Strategic Location in One of the World's Richest Regions

  • Easy Access and Global Connectivity with Over 90 Airlines and 170 Shipping Lines

  • Free Trade Barriers ( No Quotas or Exchange Controls)

  • No Tax on Personal, Capital, or Corporate Income

Business Consultant services

Business Consultancy Services
Types of Companies That Can Be Formed in UAE

We can help you set up business in UAE and avail required licenses (Industrial/Service License, Trading/Commercial License, and Professional/General Trading License). There are the following types of business that can be setup in United Arab Emirates, these are:



1. Free Zones in UAE

Free Zones are the most sought-after locations to setup a company as these have special Customs, Tax, and Import rules and regulations, and are not governed by general procedures applicable in the Middle East.

There are more than 30 free zones in UAE that allow foreign investors to own 100% shares in the company without the need of a local sponsor. Contact Al Alkeem Group  to setup business in these free trade havens.




2. Offshore Company in UAE

Offshore companies allow parties to centralize their resources and make investments to maximize tax benefits. Offshore company owners can invest in Commodities, Shares, Stocks and Properties like their onshore counterparts but don't have to pay taxes on Profits in case of inheritance.

We help our clients setup Offshore Holding Companies and achieve maximum tax savings.



3. Mainland Companies

Business entities located within the limitation of commercialized geographical areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the Emirates government, are known as Mainland Companies.

Mainland forms one of the most developed business setups, as they are regulated by UAE legal structure and government policies. Read more about the Mainland companies.

We can help you setup any of the following Mainland companies:

  • Limited Liability Company

  • Professional Firms

  • Branch Offices

  • Representative Offices

  • Public Shareholding Companies


Legal Procedures & Documents Required for Business Setup in UAE

Team at Commitbiz can take care of business setup in UAE or any other part of the Emirates along with ensuring accuracy and completeness of your legal and company formation documents. As a part of our business setup services in UAE, we can take care of the following:

Legal Procedures

  • Finding a Local Sponsor

  • Determining Legal Form and Economic Activity Type of Your Business

  • Submitting Application for Company Registration to DED with Suggested Company Name

  • Obtaining Trade License by Submitting Company's Documents to DED or Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Notarizing the Company's Memorandum of Association

  • Registering Trade Name

  • Applying for an Establishment Card

  • Obtaining Initial and Special Approvals

  • Signing MOA and Lease Agreement in front of Public Notary

  • Obtaining Location and Inspection Approval From Municipality

  • Documents Processing to Get Payment Voucher Issued

  • Paying License Fees to Get Trade License Issued

  • Fulfilling all Licensing Requirements

  • Getting Approval from Name Board and from Ministry of Labour for Employees


Company Formation Documents

  • Certified Copy of Tenancy Contract

  • Photocopies of Visa, Passport, NOC, Residency Certificates, Land Map or Ownership Certificate, National ID and Family Book

  • Approval Document from Legal Affairs Department

  • Approval Documents from Ministry of Economy and Other Government Entities, if Required

  • License Form

  • Sign Board

  • Partnership Contract Certificate from the Notary Public

  • Photocopies of Technical Evaluation Report

  • Trade Name Certificate

  • Stamped Visa from Immigration Department

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