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Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

The tough part of setting up a business is initiating the process first. The legal rules of Dubai restrict foreign companies to have complete control of their Dubai operations if they set up their business over here. As a matter of fact, companies are restricted to have a maximum of 49% of control over their Dubai office operations, with the remaining being held by their local partner from Dubai.

Not many know that a more feasible option for such people is to go for Free Zone Company formation in Dubai. There are quite many such zones in Dubai where you can opt to set up your business operations, and even have complete control over the same. At the same time, you have to adhere with certain conditions, which is where we can help you out and have your business setup done in the most feasible way.

With several years of expertise in this domain, our experts can help you out with Dubai Free Zone Company formationwith absolute ease.


Our experts help you out with every stage of the process, involving business model preparation, financial planning, research & implementation, market analysis, and just about everything else. We can even help you with the ongoing scenario in your business domain, the rules and regulations you need to know, the best zones for you to set up your business, etc.

By going for company formation in Dubai Free zones, you can reap in a number of advantages for your business, such as:

  • 100% ownership of your business

  • 100% return on investment made into the business

  • Liability for none of personal or corporate income taxes, import/export taxes or customs duties

  • Almost nil restrictions over recruiting workforce

  • Access to excellent infrastructure

  • Option to share services offered by other companies based in the same Free Zone

Business Setup in Dubai free zone

If you have already begun the process for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone, you must also know about the kind of license that you will have to obtain for freely doing your business in the region. Obtaining this license is mandatory, and so you must look to secure the right kind with utmost carefulness. The different kinds of licenses you can check for include:

  • Free Zone Commercial License

  • Free Zone Consultancy/Service License

  • Free Zone General Trading License

  • Free Zone Industrial License

  • Free Zone Trading License

Even though you intend to go for Free Zone company setup in Dubai, you will be liable to adhere to certain local policies. These policies include you to list down certain details beforehand, such as:

  1. List down the nature of your business: Several Free Zones do not permit certain specific businesses to operate from within. Thus, you must ensure if your free trade zone permits you to do your kind of business from over there.

  2. Determine the legal structure of your business: This will involve you listing down your company’s hierarchical structure, along with the documents involved and the money you wish to invest in here.

  3. Confirm availability of essential facilities: Many businesses need separate facility for running their business operations other than their company’s base. If you too are into a similar business, check for availability of such facilities within your Free Zone beforehand.

  4. Check for paperwork and fee involved: We can help you figure out all of this. You from your part must have all the essential documents ready on time, along with the investment which you will have to put in as and when required.


Dubai Free Zone Company Registration

Once you are ready with all the essential paper work and budget, you will be ready to go for Dubai Free Zone Company registration. With our aid, you will be able to get through all the legal formalities in no time. Once you have received your Free Zone Business license, you will be free to get started and reap in the benefits of trading from the amazing location of Dubai.
If you wish to know more about business setup in Dubai Free Zone, Contact Us Today!


Free Zone Companies in Dubai

There are a number of benefits associated with setting up your office in a free zone and become one of the numerous free zone companies in Dubai. For one, you are able to stay clear of several liabilities and reforms which are generally followed just about everywhere else. Then you can have complete control over your business operations, and are free to steer your company in whichever direction you want. You are also exempted from several kinds of tax liabilities, which are indeed a plus for establishing your business operations in the free zone regions.

At the same time, in order to join the wagon of Dubai free zone companies, you have to adhere to certain laid down conditions. For instance, there are designated areas for different business domains. So if you are into healthcare, you can only set up your business operations in the healthcare free zone, and not anywhere else. Identifying this could be a bit complex for you, which is why our experts are here to make everything a lot simpler for you.

As a leading service company in Dubai, we can help you establish your business in Dubai free zone seamlessly. Our expertise in this domain along with our previous experience that has helped many other businesses enables us to bring the best of everything on the table. We certainly can help you with all that you ask for, and will ensure that your free zone company in Dubai gets to be set up in no time.

Dubai company formation cost

The packages may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the nature of your business, your company’s size, the region where you will be setting up your business, the policies and procedural costs involved, as well as the complexity of documents involved.


We certainly will share a customized package plan that will always be derived from ongoing industry trends, and will always be quite competitive. For your quote about Dubai company formation cost, you can always call up our customer support division as per your convenience.

Dubai business directory

Often you may find yourself in a position wherein you may want to know about the existing companies within your domain. You certainly will always want your business to thrive, and not be overshadowed for whatever reason.


With our Dubai business directory, you will be able to make a well-informed decision in this regard. If you need any help with the same, we will be there to help you in every possible way.

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