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Dubai LLC formation

Of all the legal forms of entities that can be established in Dubai, Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular and common one. With a flexible structure, Dubai allows LLCs benefit from differential profit sharing arrangements. Such engagement gives foreign investors an edge as the 51% local equity rule remains inflexible in most cases.


A limited liability company can be easily formed by a minimum of two and maximum of fifty shareholders whose liability is restricted to their share in the company’s capital.


Why LLC?

One of the major reasons behind selecting the LLC form of entity is owing to the fact that this is the only option that gives maximum ownership i.e. 49% to the foreign nationals for a trading license. With a compulsion to have one UAE national as a partner in the LLC formed, it serves as an advantage to the foreign investors as they can use the knowledge and experience of the local partner in understanding the market scenario, work culture, legal regulations, gaining local resources and much more easily.

The fixed annual fee is yet another reason why foreign investors opt for LLC. The company is not liable to disclose its accounts to anyone. Also, the fee arrangement can be a part of legal agreement between the foreign company and the local partner. Additionally, business operation responsibilities can be vested in either of the partners – foreign national, local UAE partner, or even to a third party as a matter of fact.


Time taken to form LLC in Dubai

The time taken to form LLC in Dubai is approximately 1-2 weeks from the date of submission of the application form and other necessary documents. The licensing authority in the Emirate of Dubai is the Department of Economic Development.



Capital Requirements

Currently, the minimum capital requirement for LLC formation in Dubai is 300,000 dirham. This can either be in cash or in kind. The capital invested must be divided into equal shares with value of each of them not less than a thousand dirham.



Advantages of a LLC formation in Dubai

The Limited Liability Company formation in Dubai offers a host of advantages to foreign ventures. Few of the advantages are as follows: –

  • While foreign equity in the company may not exceed 49%, profit and losses will be shared in a ratio different to that of the share capital ratios

  • 100% tax free

  • Offers access to the Dubai market as well as the wider UAE economy

  • International entrepreneurs or investors can obtain trade licenses from the government of Dubai through a LLC

  • The investor becomes partner in the firm.

  • Easy to obtain an investor visa under which he/her enjoys an investor’s status in Dubai along with his/her family.

  • More branches can be established at different places for expanding business operations.

  • Day-to-day activities can be taken up by the foreign venture without the interference of the local UAE partner.

  • The company has full right to buy unlimited assets in the Emirate state.
    Easy to open global corporate bank accounts post LLC set up in Dubai



AL ALKEEM GROUP is one of the leading management consultancies of Ras Al Khaimah with expertise in company formation procedures and activities following it.


Housing a team of qualified professionals, we work closely with our clients, understand their needs and requirements, help them strategize a LLC formation plan, handle their paperwork and documentation formalities and establish a firm successfully in the shortest possible time.

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