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We provide the whole spectrum of PRO and government liaison services. Below is a selection of services which may be particularly relevant to you:

  • Amending or renewing commercial licences with the Department of Economic Development and Ministry of Economy

  • Amending or renewing membership with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Cancellation of commercial licence

  • Arranging newspaper advertisements

  • Obtaining other governmental approvals (e.g. Supreme Petroleum Council, Police Authority, Transport Authority, Department of Planning, Department of Town Planning etc.)

  • Applications to Zonescorp

  • Applying for contractor or consultant classification

  • Company registration with Ministry of Labour

  • Work Permit applications, amendments and cancellations

  • Company registration with Department of Naturalisation and Residency

  • Residence Visa applications and cancellations

  • Visa applications for maids and other domestic staff



  • Visa renewal application

  • Applying for visas (visit visas, short term mission visas etc)

  • Health insurance applications and renewals

  • Authentication of foreign documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice

  • Arranging for documents to be translated into Arabic (please note that translation will be handled by an official legal translator at additional cost).

  • Obtaining pre-approval of documents with Notary Public

  • Attendance at Notary Public with you for signing of official documents

  • Arranging for Arabic Employer letters

  • Setting up accounts and/or liaising with banks, Etisalat, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company etc.

  • Obtaining and renewing driving licences

  • Fines settlement

  • Certificate attestation


We are also able to liaise with any other government authority or organisation, upon request.

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